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Myocarditis is a type of heart disease that is the inflammation of myocardium. Myocardium is the part of the heart that has more muscles compared to other parts. Myocarditis is caused by infections that can be viral or bacterial. The usual signs of myocarditis are heart failure quickly, chest pain and sudden death. There are various kinds of heart diseases from which people suffer. The neglect and wrong diagnosis of the disease can ave fatal consequences and at times affects the other parts of the body as well. Any kind of symptoms should not be neglected. Expert help should always be taken when there is need. Heart diseases are rampant among those who lead an extremely stressful life that involves physical and mental stress. However there are other causes as well like genetic and congenital defects that cause heart disease. The signs and symptoms showed by individuals having myocarditis are usually varied.

People having myocarditis have signs like stabbing chest pains, palpitations t…